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Laptop and Paperwork


  1. Applicants must submit the LCTA Application & Event Evaluation Form (Page 1) no later than 21 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

  2. If an applicant is planning to use a school day, the applicant must inform their School Administrator of their intent to attend a Pro-D event on a school day and that they will be absent. (NOTE: Any TTOC costs must be paid first before any reimbursement can occur)

  3. The LCTA Pro-D Chair, working with the Pro-D Committee, approves, signs, and returns the Application Form (Page 1) to the applicant.

  4. After the participating in the event, the applicant then completes the Event Evaluation (Page 2), all original receipts, and the signed Application (Page 1) to the Pro-D Chair and Committee to verify and record for the purpose of reimbursement.

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